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Blockchain for the real world

Create your own certificates of real-world assets

What we do

As a B2B company we use the power and security of Blockchain technology to provide white-label solutions with which you can create your own certificates, offer them on your own marketplace, do crowdfunding of your real-world projects, offer a certificate exchange for your customers and much more. 

All our products are white-label products which will have your branding, name, domain, content and context. We never appear as an intermediary between you and your clients, you are in full control of everything. (no lock-in)

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Real Estate Crowdfunding with Blockchain

We offer a B2B solution for your crowdfunding. It contains everything you need to administer your investors, communicate with them, and inform them about your project. Right now, our portal works best with real estate projects but can be adapted to other use-cases, e.g. crowdfunding of products, startups, companies….

Investors who invest in your project can invest using credit card, bank transfer, PayPal and cryptocurrency. Each investor will receive his investment certificate as a blockchain token. They can then sell this token to other investors at any time securely thanks to Blockchain.

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Our solution includes these services:

  • Branding (domain, naming, logo, your bank account/Paypal, legal docs, etc)

  • Development of blockchain contract (Ethereum or Polygon)

  • Legal advice

  • Training and support

  • Server hosting

  • Optional: Design of your marketing website

Download our flyer here (in Spanish) or access our test-site here

Check out how we implemented it for our customer:

NFT Factory

Do you want to offer your customers an easy way to create Blockchain certificates of a real-life asset? With our tool you can do that right away. It takes less than 1 minute to define all properties and to upload it to the Blockchain.



  • Upload image or any other media and link it to the certificate

  • Allowed media types: JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, MP4, WAV, TXT…

  • Provide metadata (unlimited text-fields)

  • Upload it to major Blockchains (Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche)


Certificate Exchange

Our decentralized (P2P) blockchain exchange provides you with a safe environment where your customers can offer their tokens for sale. Anyone with a Blockchain wallet (Metamask or Coinbase) can purchase these tokens. Since all transactions occur on the Blockchain (and not on our servers) you can benefit from the safety and security of the Blockchain.



  • Order creation on the Blockchain

  • ERC20 <> ERC20

  • ERC721 <> ERC20

  • ERC721 <> ERC721

  • Full localization (7 languages)

  • Full branding (domain, logo, naming, legal docs, etc)

  • Variety of Designs to choose from


Certificate Marketplace

Our marketplace provides you with an online store for your real-world certificates. You can create certificates of real-world assets and offer them on your own (branded) marketplace. Anyone* can purchase these certificates using credit card, bank transfer, Paypal or cryptocurrency.



  • Create an unlimited number of certificates and offer them to your customers

  • Sophisticated search tools to filter and find the right certificates

  • Payments

    • Credit Card

    • Bank Transfer

    • PayPal

    • Cryptocurrency

  • Manage your customers

    • User management

    • KYC

    • Statistics

  • Full localization (7 languages)

  • Full branding (domain, logo, naming, legal docs, etc)

  • Variety of Designs to choose from


For Blockchain developers

Web3 SDK

Use our Web3 Blockchain SDK to create NFTs, have a marketplace, manage files, create and manage wallets....

Our Services

Software development

We develop custom made solutions in the Blockchain space. Our developers use the newest tools and technologies and are Scum-certified.

Consulting & Legal Advice

We help you in designing your Blockchain related strategy and projects. This includes important legal advice according current legislation in Spain and Europe.


We offer you all services around an Initial Coin Offering and Security Token Offering, including Tokenomics, Smart Contract development and deployment



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Danilo di Nuzzo

Real Estate Protocol

"Alfa has always been very flexible and fast in implementing our requests and in helping us"

Mauro Romano

Hyperloop TT

"When it comes to Blockchain and AI/LLM we strongly recommend Alfa because of their knowledge, flexibility and commitment."

Louise Robinson

Whisky Partners 

"Alfa helped us moving our products into the Blockchain space. When it comes to Blockchain solutions, Alfa will always be our first choice. "


Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.
- Steve Jobs


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